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Telemarketing Services
Outbound Telemarketing Services, Call Center Services,
Sales Appointments, and Lead Generation Services since 1987.

Preston Enterprise EBS sharpens the focus on three key business growth elements of any telemarketing services. First, we provide a direct avenue to increased sales. Second, we streamline the sales process. Finally, our telemarketing services reduce the cost-per-sale. Telemarketing is an extremely cost-effective means to generate new sales leads. It really is that simple!

Current national statistical averages suggest 72% of a salespersons time is spent “prospecting”, which can be defined as “trying to find someone to sell to”. Only 28% of their time is actually spent “selling” … which means only 28% of their time is fully productive. Would you tolerate 28% productivity in any other department? The answer is no … today’s fast paced business climate demands higher productivity and lower procurement costs.

telemarketing services, business to business telemarketing service, outbound telemarketing service

You need a fresh new approach … you need something innovative … and you need to increase sales while cutting costs. Preston Enterprise has specialized in lead generation, pre-qualified sales appointments, and other services since 1987. No one does it better! Call 888-586-4341

Outbound telemarketing service bridges the “prospecting” gap by providing qualified, pre-confirmed sales appointments to client companies. Our clients are finding they can increase sales through greater productivity, reduced costs with precision prospect targeting, and move more profit to the bottom line by outsourcing their prospecting.

Simply put …
Tell us who your best business prospects might be … and we get your salespeople in the door for a face-to-face meeting with real decision makers.

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telemarketing services, business to business telemarketing service, outbound telemarketing service

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